Child Support & Custody

Mount Sterling Family Law Attorneys work toward effective results for child support and custody cases

Family law issues become even more complicated whenever children are involved. The issues of child support and custody are vital to the future of your family, but it’s difficult to find an agreement that satisfies all parties. At White Peck Carrington, LLP, we work with you on these issues to find a custody and support payment plan that works for your family’s future in a positive way. Kentucky law considers your current financial and personal situations when establishing child support and custody agreements, and we stand by your side to make sure these plans reflect your and your child's best interest.

How child custody is determined

A court will base its decision on a child custody agreement solely on the best interest of the child. A number of factors will be considered when deciding how the custody will work for your family after a divorce, including:

  • The wishes of both parents
  • The wishes of the child
  • The overall relationship between the child and the parents
  • Physical health of the child and parents
  • Any history of domestic abuse

The types of child custody

There are different types of custody agreements that parents can enter into, and at White Peck Carrington we educate you on which one is most beneficial in your situation:

  • Sole physical custody — This is when a child will live with one parent full time and split no time with the non-custodian parent. Parents usually agree upon visitation hours in sole physical custody cases, but a child will not stay with the non-custodian parent on a full-time basis.
  • Sole legal custody — If you agree upon sole legal custody, one parent has the right to make major decisions in a child’s life, including education, health and religious choices.
  • Joint physical custody — If you agree upon joint physical custody, a child will split time living with both parents. The child will alternate from home to home, or the parents can have a child live in a neutral location that each parent lives in during the agreed-upon time.
  • Joint legal custody — In joint legal custody cases, parents will make major decisions for their child collaboratively.

How child support is calculated

While Kentucky doesn’t have a set amount for how much child support you will either owe or get paid, it does have a set formula for determining the amount. The court will look at the following factors when calculating a fair payment plan:

  • Number of children
  • Gross income of both parents
  • Amount paid in alimony
  • Amount paid in health benefits
  • Child care costs

Our child support attorneys have extensive knowledge of Kentucky’s child support laws and effectively represent your child's best interests when a payment plan is established.

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